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Recycled Painting: Interview with Artist Bita Mokhtar Masoumi

Interview by Meagan J. Meehan - April 18, 2021

Bita Mokhtar Masoumi is an artist, designer, and founder of the recycled painting practice. Recycled painting describes painting on discarded materials such as paper packaging, especially food packing. An eco-friendly practice, recycled painting is against waste and promotes the concept of good art emerging from seemingly lowly materials.

Bita grew up in Tehran where her grandfather was a painter and a student of the well-known Kamalolmolk. Bita started taking formal painting classes at age 9 and got accepted into art school at university where she studied graphic design and eventually earned a Bachelors degree in the subject. Throughout college, painting was a private therapeutic emotional practice. After graduating from Alzahra University, Bita studied multimedia design in Malaysia and received an MA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Bita has worked as a visual designer since 2014 and had her first solo public show in 2017, titled “Untold,” which featured both her visual art and poetry. Bita recently discussed her work via an exclusive interview. Read the whole interview


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