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Bita Mokhtar Masoumi, also known as Bita Masoumi is a visual designer and contemporary artist, born in Iran. She is known for her style of painting on discarded materials such as paper packaging, called Recycled Painting. She is based in California.


She grew up in Tehran with her painter grandfather—a student of the well-known Kamal-ol-Molk. Sensing a natural talent towards painting, Masoumi began taking formal painting classes at age 9. She learned painting from reputable teachers such as Ms. Nami, Ms. Minoo Asadi. With the encouragement of her father, skills and brushes from her grandfather, and years of formal training—Masoumi was accepted in art school; however, it wasn't painting she pursued. By the time she began university, Masoumi had lost her father, and painting had become a strictly emotional experience for her. This led her to pursue graphic design in college, and keep painting as a private practice—a therapeutic and emotional outlet. 


She received her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Although she had never considered graphic design prior to this time, she found the field a natural fit. Her bachelor's research thesis has been published as a design source book in Iran. After graduating, Masoumi studied multimedia design in Malaysia and received an MA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. She has worked as a visual designer since 2014. During this time as a graphic designer Masoumi has continued to paint, privately in her bedroom. 


She exhibited her design works from 2004 in Iran and the United States, but she kept her paintings private until 2017 when she decided to present her art to the public. “Untold” was her first public exhibition of painting works and poems in Seyhoun Gallery in Los Angeles. “Untold” allowed her to return to family memory and to show years of painted expressive emotions on the theme of her obsession with food waste, works that were never intended to be shown to the public. Since then, she had group shows such as Prisma Art Prize 7th Edition finalists exhibition, “Sky’s the Limit” in Las Laguna Art Gallery. She also was invited to have an International Virtual Solo Exhibition, “Untold II,” in Orenda Artwork Gallery in 2021. She was invited to join the family of artists in Agora Gallery in 2021. She is represented by Agora Galery in 2022.

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