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  • How Visual Artists Can Contribute to Society: Bita Mokhtar Masoumi, Yahoo


  • “Humanity’s Many Faces”, Orenda Arts Journal, Summer issue, Pages 25 - 26, Print and digital issues July 2021 

       Digital Issue:

  • Bita Masoumi Explores Visual Arts Through Recycled Painting, YFS Magazine 


  • How One Artist Turned Food Packaging To Art: An Endeavour By Bita Mokhtar Masoumi, EconoTimes


  • Turning waste to art: Experiences of Bita Mokhtar Masoumi, Bizcommunity


  • Recycled Painting: Interview with Artist Bita Mokhtar Masoumi, HVY

  • Meet Bita Masoumi | Artist and Graphic Designer

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